presidential message - November 2019

What a dynamic year 2018 has been!!!! And we are still making strides. The 32nd annual conference was an absolute success – and it was all because of you, the members. Highlights of the 32nd annual conference are: we had our inaugural pre-conference workshop. The workshop, “Writing for Funding”, was led by Dr. Loretta Sweet Jemmott; Dr. Sandra Underwood served as our keynote speaker and reminded us of the importance of documenting the historical research of ABNF; Dr. Barbara Broome was our leadership speaker and had everyone in the room wiping tears as she shared her journey from a humble beginning. She emphasized the importance of reaching back and carrying the load for others. Dr. Wrenetha Julion was our awards speaker and she encouraged the attendees to build relationships that will propel their careers. Dr. Linda Washington Brown spearheaded our inaugural NCLEX review for the area students; and Dr. Tina Cuellar provided the attendees with the tools of becoming a NCLEX instructor. We had the largest registration attendance rate ever of 60 (as voiced by our Founder Dr. Sallie Tucker Allen); we awarded 13.41 CEUs and great time was had by all!!! There is much more to come at our 33rd annual institute and conference, June 3-6, 2020 at the Atlantis Bahamas.

Strides for 2019 are anticipated and ongoing. The mission of ABNF, Inc. is “To form and maintain a group whereby Black professional nurses with similar credentials, interests and concerns may work to promote health-related issues and educational interests to benefit themselves and the Black community” is just as relevant today as it was 32 years ago. Sadly, the reality is: many fronts have been invaded; many battles have been won; yet the revolution continues!!! A personal thank you is extended to my mentor, Dr. Sallie Tucker-Allen and the founding members.

In brief, my presidential platform for my final year as president remains unchanged and is multi-fold. The focus remains on: Membership; Mentoring; and Marketing.


Our goal is not only to recruit new students, advanced practice professionals, and faculty but to sustain current membership numbers with enhanced engagement. Let’s continue to recruit those new members!!! Our membership number is currently at 88. The 2019 – 2020 membership RENEWAL cycle begins November 01 and ends March 31.  Please go to to renew your membership!!!!


At the 2018 conference, all first time attendees [8] were paired with a faculty mentor. At the 2019 conference ten (10) new members were paired. The goal is to afford all members a pairing option with seasoned faculty members. If interested in being paired with a mentor or if you would like to serve as a mentor, please send your name, email address, cell number, and research interest to  Remember to specify if you are seeking a mentor or if you are available to develop a strong mentor relationship with a new member!!!!


The communication & publication committee will be making a larger footprint in the world of social medial for ABNF by enhancing our Facebook and LinkedIn presence as well as launching our Instagram and Twitter pages.

I welcome your support and ideas as we move ABNF forward. Thanking you advance!!!

Audwin Fletcher, President, ABNF, Inc. (2018-2020)