Building a Program of Research - from Thought to Funding

Facilitators: Drs. Loretta & John Jemmott: Collaboration with fmr Penn SON Summer Institute Fellows



The goal of the workshop is to build knowledge, self-efficacy, and skills for building a program of research from the researcher’s first thought to funding.  For this workshop a program of research is defined as a coherent expression of a researcher's area of interest that has public health significance, builds from the published research literature in the field, has relevance for clinical nursing practice, and captures the passion and commitment of the researcher.


At the end of this workshop participants will have:

1. Increased knowledge of the steps for building a program of research

2. increased understanding of health behavior theories

3. Increased knowledge on how to take their beginning research questions and take it to the next step

4. Increased understanding on how to measure what they are trying to capture

5. Increased knowledge on the matching the best research method with the research questions

6. A greater understanding on how to use theory to guide the development of measures and behavioral interventions

7. Increased knowledge and understanding of using mixed methods to guide and build the development of their program of research

8. A beginning understanding of how to design intervention research

9. A beginning understanding on how to do implementation science

10. New research partners to assist in taking them to their next research steps


Structure and Format:

Date: June 5, 2019

Time: 8:30 - 4:30

Cost:  $150

Students (unlicensed): $100


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