ABNF 32nd Annual meeting & scientific conference

The Sallie Tucker Allen Institute and Conference

"Honoring a Living Legend through Excellence in Scholarship, Teaching, and Achievement in Healthcare"

June 5 - 8, 2019

Conrad Chicago Hotel

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Conference At-A-glance


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

8:00 – 10:00 – Pre-conference Registration


     Facilitators: Drs. Loretta & John Jemmott: Collaboration with former Penn SON Summer Institute Fellows

3:45 – 4:30 Conference Registration

4:30 – 6:00 Board of Director’s Meeting

6:30 – 8:00 Welcome Reception

Thursday, June 6, 2019

7:30 – 8:00 Conference Registration & Breakfast

8:15 – 9:30 Opening Session 

     Facilitators: Dr. Audwin Fletcher | President, ABNF  &  Dr. Sallie Tucker-Allen | Founder, ABNF

     Speaker: Dr. Sandra M. Underwood | Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 

9:45 – 11:45 Education Sessions 1-4

12:00 – 1:15 Lunch / Poster presentations

1:30 – 3:30 Teaching Effectiveness Symposium

Friday, June 7, 2019

7:30 – 8:00 Conference Registration & Breakfast

8:15 – 9:30 Education Sessions 5-7

9:45 – 10:45 Leadership Institute

     Speaker: Dr. Barbara Broome | Dean, Kent State University - College of Nursing

10:15 – 11:45 Education Sessions 8-10

12:30 – 2:30 Awards Luncheon

     Speaker:  Dr. Wrenetha A. Julion | Professor, Department of Women, Rush University 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

7:30 – 8:00 Conference Registration & Breakfast

8:15 – 10:45 Education Sessions 11-15

11:15 – 12:30 General Membership & Committee Meetings

1:30 - 3:30 Elsevier Faculty NCLEX Training


Conference speakers


Barbara Broome, PhD, RN, FAAN, is Dean and Professor at Kent State University College of Nursing. She previously was Associate Dean and Chair of Community Mental Health at University of South Alabama in Mobile. Dr. Broome started her nursing career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She received her Baccalaureate and Master’s degree in Nursing from Kent State and a PhD in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Broome is a researcher in continence therapy and has developed several practice sites. She is the developer of the Broome Pelvic Muscle Self-efficacy Scale © which has been used in national and international studies and translated in several languages.   Dr. Broome has been secured more than 2.7 million dollars in funding and has an extensive record of publications and national and international presentations. 

Dr. Broome is a co-editor for the Journal of Cultural Diversity and on the editorial board for several journals. She is also a reviewer for several journals and is active in many national nursing organizations. Dr. Broome is the research chair for the Society of Urologic Nursing and past president and board member for the Association of Black Nursing Faculty. Awards and honors include the Association of Black Nursing Faculty Young Publisher’s Award, University of South Alabama College of Nursing Faculty Scholarship Award, Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, Fellow of the NIH Summer Training Institute, Ohio Board of Regent Fellow and a member of the Labrae Hall of Fame. 

Wrenetha A. Julion, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, is a dynamic advocate for meaningful societal change that ch

Wrenetha A. Julion, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, is a Professor at Rush University School of Nursing.  Dr. Julion is a dynamic advocate for meaningful societal change that challenges health disparities, health inequity and social injustice. During the past 35 years, Dr. Julion focused her clinical practice on the care of women, children, families and critically ill neonates, before transitioning to research and academia. She is also a resolute activist for greater diversity and cultural competency among health care professionals.

Dr. Julion is co-author of the Chicago Parent Program, a nationally recognized parent-training program for at-risk families living in low-income, ethnic minority communities. In 2009, Julion received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop an intervention called Building Bridges to Fatherhood, modeled after the Chicago Parent Program.

Currently, Dr. Julion is Principal Investigator for a National Institutes of Health RO1 grant aimed at supporting paternal involvement in African American non-resident fathers. She was a 2012 Macy Faculty Scholar, a member of the Leadership America Class of 2015, and is an alumna of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Connections program.